Emergency at the border.  27 migrants in a truck.  Ukrainian border guards arrested

On Sunday, border guards arrested a Ukrainian citizen who was carrying 27 migrants from Iraq in a delivery truck, the border guards said.

Border Patrol officers from Mielinek stopped the car near the town of Radziwiłłówka in Podlasie. As it turned out, a Ukrainian citizen transported 27 immigrants from Iraq “in a delivery van belonging to a famous courier company.”

The Border Guard published three photos showing white and red Iveco trucks. In his luggage compartment you can see migrants, among whom are men and women, sitting on the floor.

Migrants in a delivery truckborder guards

More than 500 attempts to cross the border illegally on Saturday

Earlier, Sunday, the border guards reported that on Saturday the border guards recorded 524 attempts to illegally cross the Polish-Belarus border. Five migrants were arrested – four Iraqis and one Syrian. On Saturday, border guards officers arrested five foreigners on charges of assisting in the illegal crossing of the border – two citizens of Syria and citizens of Georgia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Since the beginning of the year, border guards have prevented more than 18,000 attempts to illegally cross the Polish-Belarus border, of which more than 7,000 were made in October.

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Emergency at the border

Since September 2, due to emigration pressures in the border region with Belarus – in 183 cities of the Podlasky and Lubelsky districts – a state of emergency has been imposed. It was introduced for 30 days by decree of President Andrei Duda, issued at the request of the Cabinet. In early October, the state of emergency was extended for another 60 days.

Among others, NGO activists and journalists are not allowed to enter the state of emergency area. This means that all information in this area comes from the authorities and services.

Main image source: border guards

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