Prigozhin plane crash.  What was the head of the Wagnerian family doing just before his death

One of Medusa’s sources close to the presidential administration admitted that Yevgeny Prigozhin’s plane crash “didn’t surprise him much.” “There was a feeling it was going to end badly after the riots and stuff [na Kremlu] He says: do not forgive.

In his opinion, after the attempted rebellion, Vladimir Putin “came to conclusions” and stopped considering Prigozhin “a trustworthy and easy-to-manage person.” He stressed that “according to all logic, no resources of power should be in the hands of an unreliable person, neither in Russia nor abroad, but under its auspices.”

In turn, the interlocutor close to the leadership of the Moscow region revealed the scenes of what, as far as he knew, looked like Prigozhin’s last moments just before his death.

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