A huge mushroom hung over Ukraine.  We know the cause of the explosion - o2

The material about the explosion was posted on the Ukraine Weapons Tracker’s Twitter profile. As reported on the website, members of the 63rd Independent Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were responsible for the strike.

The war in Ukraine. Explosion over the battlefield

The 63rd Autonomous Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine took part in the attack on the train station used by the enemy near the city of Kherson in the Kherson region. There were vehicles and fuel for the Russians and their allies.

The blow to the band caused an explosion, which was recorded in a video later posted to Twitter. This is yet another impressive work done by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in recent days.

There was also a lot of publicity among Internet users about the achievement of a soldier from the 95th Airborne Brigade. He managed to shoot the Russian T-80BV tank with enough accuracy that in a split second the machine was no longer there. The Ukrainian armed forces regularly boast of their successes on the battlefield, incl. Via the social network Telegram.

General Valery Zani, among others, regularly publishes the Telegram file of the Ukrainian armed forces. This week, the commander-in-chief of the SZU said that since the beginning of the invasion, the soldiers have already managed to destroy 278 combat aircraft. He also condemned the conflict initiated by the Russians, calling it a “disgrace.”

General Valery Zaluzhny wrote on the Telegram website that this war is a disgrace to the Russian Federation and will also be the cause of its collapse.

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