March 24, 2023


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A controversial idea from the creators of eFootball.  Will you succeed?  sports

“Electronic football is the worst part ever.” Sports Professionals Speak

electronic football It was the worst-rated game in Steam history. Out of 17,000 reviews, only 10% are positive. Konami has already announced fixes and updates, but it will be very difficult to remove the first impression. The game has also been criticized by professionals.

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“The worst part of everything”

One of the game’s critics was Robin Morin “PataNegra7” Fernandez. The professional player did not utter the words. “I’ve been playing PES for over 20 years and eFootball is the worst part ever,” he said. , Umberto “umbee96_” Frucciano. – At the moment the game is not playable – Italian evaluation.

Other players point out the specific issues eFootball is experiencing. Alex Algoasel, Bavarian for FC Bayern Esports, commented on Twitter. “The game should be more solid and streamlined, which is what PES is known for,” says the German.

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eFootballu problem

We came to similar conclusions in our evaluation of the game. eFootball fascinates players with its slow and chaotic gameplay, where soccer players often lose balls or cannot accurately exchange balls with each other. As a result, the game loses its momentum and dynamism, and this can irritate people, especially people who are used to the more dynamic FIFA game.

Is there a salvage for Konami’s production? In theory, yes, because the producers announced future updates. One is due out in November and will introduce several improvements to the game, as well as new modes. However, the question is whether this should not have happened on the day of the premiere. Currently, the game is similar to a demo, with the option to play single matches online or against the computer. Plus, there are only nine teams to choose from, so the game itself can quickly get boring. One of the professionals – Lotfi “Lotfi” Draghi of AS Monaco has a similar opinion. He says we have to wait for the proper premiere in November. He’s considering the aforementioned update, which will be a circular rescue for eFootball.

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