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What was Days Gone 2 supposed to look like?  Former Bend Studio employee reveals details

What was Days Gone 2 supposed to look like? Former Bend Studio employee reveals details

January 11 2022, 22:15

We know what Days Gone 2 was supposed to look like. The developer working on the first part of the game has shared production details. He also made no secret of his disappointment at Sony’s decision to cancel the project.

Attention! The news contains spoilers for the story Days gone by.

Jeff Ross Reaser Days gone by, shared in interview for USA Today with details of a canceled sequel to the game. Sony did not show interest in continuing and abandoned the project, which, according to a former employee of the Bend studio, was very unfair.

Ross, who left the team in 2020 after nearly 20 years with the company, said production would be “the ultimate version of the game.” see the game. The plot of Deacon and his partner Sarah will continue from the first part.

Yes, they are back together, but they don’t look happy. ?? What do we do now? Well, we got married before the end of the world, but what about the future??? ?? Ross said.

A former studio employee revealed it 2 days passed It was to give players more fun gadgets thanks to Deacon’s acquisition of technology previously owned by NERO.

Mo¿e Ciê zainteresowaæ:

The sequel has also been expanded with the ability to swim and many improvements in game mechanics. The behavior of opponents, allies, and animals will also change. Ross does not hide his dissatisfaction with the cancellation of production. In his opinion, the second part could show the true potential of the brand and allow Bend Studio to spread its wings.

Days gone by It was supposed to be the basis on which the other parts would be built. Work began on the skeleton for the sequel, but the developers were not able to attract interest in the project among PlayStation developers, which was already discussed in April 2021. inform Jason Schreier in his book reportage.

Bend Studio’s production has been criticized for several aspects, but Ross felt the other popular series was slower and debuting 2 days passed It could be a huge paradigm shift for the first part.

We must learn to crawl before we start walking. We must learn to walk before we can run. I saw her triple. games like Batman: Arkham or the first Anonymous Are they just the basis on which to build the new production?? Jeff Ross said.

Ex-developer Bend Studio last week oskar¿y³ Sony to create an atmosphere of failure around the first part Days gone by. In his opinion, it is more harmful as the title has been sold? As he claims?? About 9 million copies (although there are many doubts about this number).