January 31, 2023


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Nearly 500 goals in 87 games!  A new star was born in the world of football.. football

Nearly 500 goals in 87 games! A new star was born in the world of football.. football

Game At the current level, and at a professional level, it is different, but I do not know how many boys of his age can boast of such impressive numbers ”- writes about the 13-year-old footballer AC Milan Scouting Sciabolata Moribida. Italian He confirms, however, that a large part of the numbers put together by young Francesco Camarda come from matches played in an 11v11 system.

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Milan has an undisputed star. 87 games and 483 goals for Cheb Camrada

The Italian scout mentions on Twitter that Camrada played in 40 games in the 2017/18 season, scoring 247 goals. In the following season, there were 31 matches, and the player scored 172 goals. In the 2019/20 competition, he scored 64 goals in 16 matches, that is, he scored four goals in each match. Overall, the 13-year-old is estimated to have played 87 matches, scoring 483 goals, averaging 5.5 goals per game.

Camrada played in the U-15 National Championship this year for the team AC Milan She played U15s alongside Denzel Miguel Seedorf (son of Clarence Seedorf) against Hellas Verona. Rossoneri won 2-0, and according to Morbida, young Camrada scored both goals.

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Sciabolata Morbida also confirms that Camrada has a long way to go before entering the professional market. “Just remember Boyan’s profession from Sector Legends Youth F.C.B, who could not find his way in adult football ”- we read on Twitter.

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