Depp directs Pacino.  Did “Moody” change Depp's life?
Here are the first images from the biographical film “Modi”, starring the famous Italian artist Amadeo Modigliani. It features director Johnny Depp, who plays the lead role of Ricardo Scamarcio, and Al Pacino. In a comment describing the first material from the collection, the actor said: “I am grateful. I would like to thank the entire staff for their dedication and creativity. Making this film was an experience that changed me profoundly. “Modi will be a testament to the belief in collective effort and the power of independent cinema.”

“Modi”: see photos from the collection

“Moody”: movie details

This is Depp's directorial project since 1997's Brave. The main role is played by Riccardo Scamarcio (“Ghosts of Venice”, “The Daedalus Blade”). His partners include: Al Pacino, Stephen Graham, Bruno Goiri, Ryan McParland, Benjamin LaVernet, Sally Phillips, Antonia Desplat and Louisa Ranieri.

The film takes place in 1916 in Paris. “Modi” 48 Hours in the Life of the Title Artist reports. Modigliani is hiding from the police. He plans to end his career, but other artists try to change his mind: Maurice Utrillo, Chaim Soutine and Beatrice Hastings. The hero also seeks advice from his friend, the Polish art dealer Leopold Zborowski. The chaos intensifies as a collector appears who could completely change the painter's life.

“Modi” It is based on a play written by Dennis McIntyre. The script was prepared by Jerzy and Marie Cromolowsky (“The Promise”, “Chasing the Mist”). The author of the pictures is Nicola Pecorini. Dave Warren is responsible for the set design.

Trailer for the movie “The King's Mistress, Jeanne de Barry”

Depp's filmography ends with the costume drama “The King's Mistress, Jeanne du Barry”, which opened the Cannes Film Festival this year. The actor plays the role of Louis XV, the longest-reigning ruler in French history. The appearance in the film is Depp's first role since his controversial legal battle with Amber Heard.

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