Captain America 4 – Who is the villain?  Like a hero in all his glory!

Display manager Captain America 4Which will be displayed below the title Captain America: Brave New World In an interview with Empire magazine, he revealed new details about the MCU film. Julius Ona declares that this will be the biggest test in the life of Sam Wilson, who after accepting to be this superhero, must go out, cooperate and show himself to the world. As the Falcon, Captain Steve Rogers was always going to be overshadowed. All of this will be affected by Sam’s cooperation with the US government. Among them is President Thaddeus Ross (played by Harrison Ford).

– Part of Sam’s challenge as Captain America is working with the government in a way that influences the decisions it makes. The director says that his point of view on various issues will sometimes be at odds with the president’s point of view.

Empire magazine published an official photo of Captain America in his new costume. You’ll see them in the main image of the news.


Captain America 4 – Who is the villain?

The main villain is Samuel Sterns aka Leader (in the drawing from the comic above), who will once again be played by Tim Blake Nelson. We met the character in Samuel V.’s version The amazing structure From 2008 – Here we will see him after he transformed into the brutal leader.

-Sam will stand in the way of Samuel Stearns and what he thinks the government owes him and how he wants to get it.

The director also announces that the action scenes in the film are different from what we saw in previous Captain America adventures. Sam is a human without the super soldier serum, which makes it easy to hurt him.

-This is a man who can get hurt and can bleed. “We are toying with the idea of ​​testing the limits of his endurance,” says the director.

Captain America 4 – Premieres in 2025.

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