Do you remember Neil from the movie “In the Desert and the Wild”?  Carolina Soca is preparing to marry a famous actor

“In the desert and in the wilderness” It is a 2000 classic film based on the novel of the same title by Henryk Sienkiewicz. The film was filmed in South Africa and Tunisia, and they played the main roles Adam VidosiewiczWho played the role of Staś Tarkowski and Carolina SocaHe plays Neil Rawlinson. The actress was only 9 years old at the time, but she brilliantly played the role of the kidnapped girl who later escapes through the desert with Staś. After her debut, the actress did not appear on the screens for many years, so we could see her only after graduating from the Theater School in Łódź, among others, “M jak miłość” or “First Love” or on the stage of the theater.

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Carolina Soca is getting married. Who is the chosen one of her heart?

Carolina Soca She undoubtedly made the viewers fall in love with her by playing the role of Nell in the movie ‘In the Desert and the Wild’. She is now an adult and confident woman, and as it turns out, she is about to get married soon. Although the 32-year-old star does not like to talk about her private life, she recently shared a photo with her lover in front of her fans. He is the actor Mateusz Rzeniczak, whom the viewer can recognize from productions such as “Miasto 44”, “Furioza” or “Barwy Happiness”, and as if that were not enough, “Your Empire” has informed its readers that Karolina Suka is planning a wedding, which It will be held in June at Stary Cinema in Łódź. It is also known that the future newlyweds love to travel and it seems that they are already planning a long honeymoon and want to continue it soon after their wedding.

“They don’t care about staying in expensive hotels. They like to travel on a budget to see as much as possible. They have visited almost all of Europe.” – Added a mysterious informant to “Twoje Imperium”.

In our gallery, which you will find at the top of this article, you will find pictures of Carolina Soca. You have grown into a beautiful woman, it is difficult to take your eyes off her!

in the end

Have you seen the movie “In the Desert and the Wild”?

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