Bob le Chef has teamed up with restaurants in Normandy to offer a summer menu that will delight your taste buds

For the first time, Normand’s restaurant chain has teamed up with a public figure, in this case Bob Le Chef, to create and promote its summer menu, which will be available in branches from Monday 6 May.

The summer menu, which features ten new dishes, will feature six signature dishes, including the Smash Pop, by Chef Bob Lee.

The project invited Denis Guerin, Normandin’s corporate chef, to participate in the game with Bob the Chef.

“For me, it’s Norman’s Fit Correct. “My wife, Victoria Charlton, paid for her CEGEP studies by working at Normandin,” he said.

“We go on the road a lot, and Normandin’s is really our little restaurant. I was so excited when I was approached to do this,” said Bob the Chef.

The star chef we know for his cooking shows doesn’t just lend his name. As natural and real as she is on the small screen, she goes into the kitchen to create new recipes with chef Denis Guerin.

“They put us in a kitchen lab for a while. I had ideas on paper. We looked at the possibilities. Before becoming Bob the Chef, I was a chef for 20 years. I love it, doing menu development,” he added.

Although there are about ten dishes on the summer menu, few of them feature lobster. With Vegetable Poke Pop we’ve never forgotten anyone, not even vegetarians.

“In Normandin’s DNA, we’ve always added something new. We’re traditional for some dishes, but we’re evolving all the time,” underscored Jean Julien, Vice President of Marketing for Restaurants Normandin.

We’ve thought of all the flavors, for example the Poké Bob Végé, a bowl of tofu coated in a special Bob le Chef BBQ sauce.

Diane Tremblay

Bob the Chef’s career continues to progress 3-2-1 BBQ Aired on Zeste from 27th April and The countryside arrives VAT and VAT+ from May 3. And that’s without counting his podcast Food journey Her partner Victoria Charlton on YouTube and her blog

Also, the shooting of the show The countryside arrives Next season will start soon, we know.

“I always have wine in the grocery store, and I try to do most things in the summer, because in October, Victoria and I are expecting our little boy. We’re so excited about everything that’s going on. We’ll be asleep in a year or two,” said Bob the Chef (Robert James Penney), who is very young. He was introduced to the art of cooking.

Prices for Bob le Chef signature dishes range from $14.95 to $23.95. The new summer menu will be available through Labor Day.

“Bob is a lover of food and life, a simple guy who likes to have fun without breaking a sweat. This is what we see in his dishes and in ours. I am delighted to surround myself with a personality as talented and passionate as he is for this project,” concluded Denis Guerin, Normandin’s corporate manager.

Normandin's Corporate Chef, Denis Guerin and Bob Le Chef had a lot of fun working together on this project.

The summer menu will feature six signature Bob Le Chef dishes, including the Smash Bob, a reimagined Double Smash Burger with fried pickles, and the Bogue Bob Veg, a tofu bowl coated in a special Bob Le Chef barbecue sauce.

Diane Tremblay

Among Bob Le Chef’s signature dishes at Normandin:

  • Smash Pop, a revisited Double Smash Burger with fried pickles;
  • Mac & Lobster, a Scooby Doo pasta mix that highlights crustaceans;
  • Pizza Pasta, completely covered with pasta mixture;
  • Poké Bob Végé, a tofu bowl coated in a special Bob le Chef BBQ sauce;
  • Lobster poutine is topped with chunks of lobster, shrimp sauce, green onions and a pinch of paprika.
  • Lobster Eggs Benedict (Lunch Menu)

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