New model could explain strange behavior on a cosmic scale  Urania

A group of scientists has discovered a possible “cosmic glitch” in the universe’s gravity, which explains its strange behavior on a cosmic level.

For the past 100 years, physicists have relied on theory OTW Albert Einstein to explain how gravity works in the universe. General relativity, confirmed by countless tests and observations, indicates that gravity affects not only three physical dimensions, but also a fourth dimension: time.

This model of gravity has been essential for everything from endoscopy the great explosion After taking pictures black holes – said Robin Winn, the project’s lead author, a recent graduate in mathematical physics from the University of Waterloo.

But when we try to understand gravity on a cosmic scale, on a scale… Galaxy clusters Furthermore, we face clear discrepancies with OTW forecasts. It is as if gravity itself no longer quite fits Einstein’s theory. We call this paradox a “cosmic glitch”: gravity becomes about 1% weaker when dealing with distances of the order of billions. Light year.

For more than twenty years, physicists and astronomers have tried to create a mathematical model that would explain the apparent contradictions in general relativity. Many of these efforts have been undertaken at Waterloo, which has a long history of cutting-edge gravitational research resulting from ongoing interdisciplinary collaboration between applied mathematicians and astrophysicists.

Nearly a hundred years ago, astronomers discovered that the universe is expanding said Niayesh Afshordi, professor of astrophysics at the University of Waterloo and researcher at the Ocean Institute.

The farther away they get GalaxiesThe faster it moves, to the point where it looks like it’s moving at close range The speed of lightThis is the maximum allowed by Einstein’s theory. Our findings suggest that at such scales, Einstein’s theory may also be inadequate

The research team’s new “cosmic glitch” model modifies and extends Einstein’s mathematical formulas in a way that resolves discrepancies in some cosmological measurements without affecting existing successful applications of OTW.

Think of it as a footnote to Einstein’s theory – Wan said. Once you reach the Cosmic Domain, rules and conditions apply.

This new model may be the first clue in the cosmic puzzle we are beginning to unravel in space and time Afshordi said.

the findings Back Published in the Journal of Cosmology and Astrophysics.

Agnieszka Novak

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Source: University of Waterloo

In the illustration: galaxies. Source: University of Waterloo

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