Ewa Kasprzyk on “Shame” on the set of “365 Days.”  She says how much she earned

It just came out Ewa Kasprzyk will not appear in the new part of “Kogla-mogla” (The actress could not reach an agreement with the creators(whose role was marginalized), and now it has become clear that… there is no evil without good coming.

Ewa earns well from other roles, for example in the film series “365 Days” – a film adaptation of the novel Blanca Lipinska.

Recently, Ewa Kasprzyk complained about the situation regarding “Kogle-mogl”. She emphasized that she herself encouraged the creators to create a sequel. Unfortunately, it didn’t end well for her.

“The creators have neutered my involvement from part to part, so it’s not like that I just took the money and don’t want to play anymore, but they simply didn’t write me anythingAnd even when they wrote it and I played it, they cut it. I feel completely out of my league. “In my place, a different plot was invented,” she said in an interview with Show News.

In the latest interview with Kuba Wojewódzki and Piotr Kędzierski, Ewa again referred to “Kogel mogel 5” and then talked about “365 days”. Kasprzyk played the mother of Laura, the main character. He replaced her in that role Grazyna Zabolowska.

Szapołowska resigned under less than pleasant circumstances. The actress simply wasn’t happy about accepting the job. He said about it Thomas Stockinger, her on-screen partner. He also left the project.

“It turns out that Grazina had a similar opinion to me. We both had big doubts. “So we decided, individually and partly together, that there was no point in continuing this adventure.”

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How did Ewa Kasprzyk summarize her experiences? In a conversation with Wojewódzki and Kędzierski, she revealed why I decided to participate in a project with not very positive public opinion (Although it’s a great result in terms of views).

“When they first asked, I was supposed to have scenes in the cemetery, and then I played Grażyna Szapołowska there. I didn’t take her. Later, when I was supposed to replace Grażyna, she played for only a second and said: ‘On the screen, I thought: ‘” “Well, we’ll see. This was supposed to be an extended role. I didn’t have to take my clothes off anymore.”

Szapołowska’s replacement was accompanied by good pay.

Ewa admitted that there was a large amount of money.

“what a shame?” – asked Koba Fujidzki.

“what a shame” – confirmed a laughing Kasprzyk.

She then said that apart from the money, she also did it for the adventure. Sardinia, the place where the photos were taken, seemed particularly attractive to her:

“[…] I said: I will go and see and find out what it is like inside. My friend talked to me about it.”

Today, Ewa Kasprzyk works in cinema that is more consistent with her image. You can see it, among others: in “Cluby”Where she plays the role of Marcjanna Pacześ.

“In my opinion, this film is universal because it is actually drawn, because it is an adult animation genre […] From my point of view, the admiration and applause I experienced in Toronto was there I think this movie is a true work of art” – This time the actress made it clear that she was happy with her role. She gave an interview to Show News.

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