There was a Nobel Prize, will there be an Oscar?  “Chłopi” is beautiful and honest cinema [RECENZJA]

DK Welchman (aka Dorota Kobiela) has come a long way to be able to tell stories boldly and expressively in cinema at the intersection of acting and drawing. After his Oscar-nominated film “Loving Vincent” with Hugh Welshman, he moved on to the novel “The Peasants.” Although she is not a mother, she portrays Jagna with maternal tenderness. He predicts her fate differently from Raymond. If Jagna were alive today, she would join the women’s strike. And in the village of Lipsi she had no chance. She paid a heavy price for her independence.

Raymond had an ear for dialogue and a passion for breaking patterns. The novel “Chłopi” was the culmination of his writing career. One hundred years after the award of the Nobel Prize for Literature, the view about the universality of the work seems to be correct. Few books accurately reflect the language and sentiments of rural Poland. The author wrote the text several decades after the abolition of slavery, yet a picture emerges from the work’s four volumes of a group that could only live on crude and sovereign principles. Many still stick with them to this day, and it was this parallel that encouraged the duo DK and Hugh Welshman to take up the classic work.

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Kamila Orzodowska and Cezary Lukaszevic in the movie “Chłopi”

The girls were “sold” to elderly widows for millions of dollars

Let’s provide some context, starting with the author. The son of an organist and an educated noblewoman. In his adult life, he played roles in a theater group, worked as a lineman and even as a mediator. However, it was writing that guaranteed him success and livelihood. We were wondering about Władziu before he was elevated to the literary altar. Spiritualism was in his blood, whether he wanted it or not, and so was Catholicism. He was at the Pauline novitiate, right under the nose of the Black Virgin. No coordination or exaggeration. He returned to Jasna as a correspondent. He walked among the crowd of thousands of pilgrims and took careful notes. “Pilgrimage to Jasna Gora” was the first Polish and immediately participatory report. The future Nobel Prize winner was 27 years old and showed great potential.

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