Cigarette butts were good for something.  The Lithuanians came up with a revolutionary idea

Scientists have been working for many years to produce biofuels that are much less harmful. Energy Institute of Kaunas University of Technology Tests were conducted to extract triacetin found in cigarette butts. The aim of the research was to demonstrate the possibility of using waste to produce biodiesel.

Biodiesel is actually made from waste such as vegetable and animal fats. Biofuels are currently expensive to produce, although the technology has environmental potential. Lithuanian researchers examined how cigarette butts, which are often harmful and disfigure the landscape, affect the production of this fuel. Did they manage to find a way to solve two problems at once?

The fuel is based on cigarette butts According to researchers, it is less harmful to the environment and at the same time maintains suitable or even higher flammability. As a result, scientists obtained biodiesel with triacetin used in the tobacco industry.

Triacetin, also called triacetin, is a chemical used to increase the elasticity of plastics, especially in cigarette filters, among others. Solid rocket fuel.

Scientists decided to obtain triacetin in the best possible way, and they obtained amazing and satisfactory results. 43% of cigarette butts were recovered. Triacetin and approximately 26 percent by weight of charcoal. Coal can be used in fertilizers or in energy storage.

The process efficiency was about 38%. Oil weight, that means it The resulting oil can be used to produce biodiesel.

According to scientists, subjecting cigarette butts to a pyrolysis process could be used to use cigarette waste to produce biodiesel in a sustainable, cheap and efficient manner.

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