The iPhone has had this for years.  Now is the time for Android

For years, iPhones have allowed you to use a certain feature that is only available in the Android world to a select few. Now that’s about to change with the latest version of Google’s mobile platform.

Smartphones, both Android and iOS, allow you to use the camera flash not only to illuminate the photographed scene, but also in the form of torches. In the case of equipment with Google system, control is in this function Generally limited to turning it on or offand only on some Android devices given by the manufacturer The ability to change the intensity of light. iPhone owners have such a possibility, in addition for several years.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel for Android smartphone users. The latest version of this system, Android 13, is to bring a native function that allows you to control the brightness of the camera flash. The upcoming release of Google’s operating system includes two new APIs: “getTorchSt StrengthLevel” And the “turnOnTorchWithSt StrengthLevel”. The first method increases the brightness of the LED flash, while the second method sets it from a minimum value of 1 to a maximum set by the device. Previously, Android could only turn the LED light on and off using the API “setTorchMode”.

However, as we learned from the site’s blog post esper.ioNot everyone will benefit from the new feature as it will require suitable hardware. It can even meet its requirements today… Only Google Pixel smartphones.

Finally, it should be noted that the possible incompatibility with the new functionality in Android 13 should not worry too much, among other things, users of Samsung smartphones. Korean manufacturer for a long time Provides the ability to adjust the brightness of the LED lamp in their products.

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