Dying Light 2 with the biggest update ever.  The Poles introduce a lot of new products and improve the graphics

The Polish studio has big plans for the development of zombie productions and is listening to the community's opinions to present the most attractive new products as possible. Players wanted firearms, leading to the biggest update in the game's history, which will be available later this week.

Before the premiere, Techland announced that there would be no firearms in the world of Dying Light 2 – the creators focused only on weapons such as knives and machetes, which were firmly integrated into the story.

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The development of Dying Light 2 and the direction the Polish team is heading was largely dictated by the audience – fans wanted more terrifying nights, improved city exploration, and more brutal combat, and all of these requests were met. In the next step, the community expressed its willingness to film in the world of Dying Light 2, which served as an effective incentive for the developers to continue working.

On February 22, a firearms update will debut, introducing submachine guns, shotguns, and shotguns to the Zombies game. Techland had to rebuild the basics of Dying Light 2 to meet all expectations, and does not hide the fact that it is still able to work on improving the new features introduced.

The update also includes improved visual effects – including duplicate plants and zombie images. During a conversation with Gamerant editors, Tymon Smektała stated this This is the biggest update in the history of the game.

A patch with new features is a way to celebrate the second anniversary of Dying Light 2's release, and it's worth noting that a new Dying Light 2 Stay Human Reloaded Edition will appear in stores – the bundle includes the base game with all updates and the Bloody Ties expansion.

The creators will introduce a lot of new features in single-player and cooperative play, and don't forget “surprises for fans of the first Dying Light.” Unfortunately, the team had to delay the Nightmare and Tower Raids mode – the attractions will be produced at a later date, with Techland currently focusing on the showcase aspects.

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