Absolute domination.  Anuel is out of reach, it’s already 10:0!

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Anwil Włocławek remains unbeaten in the Orlen Basket League. On Saturday evening, Grupa Sierleccy Czarni Słupsk did not give Słupsk a chance. Winning 83:58, Victor Sanders gave another basketball demonstration and lecture.

The Blacks seem to have found a good rhythm lately. However, Anuel quickly realized the improvement in the form of the Slupsk team. The people of Słupsk failed the test.

Until the end of the first half, it was still tight in Gryfia, but after changing sides, the “Rottweilers” jumped to a higher level. Especially Victor Sanders.

The star and senior leader of Anuel scored 19 of his 23 points in the second half. He added five rebounds and four assists. One can only watch and admire Black’s defense in some situations.

Amir Bale was unable to help Anuel in Subsek due to injury. He did not finish the last duel with Dzeki Warszawa. FC Włocławek reports that the American has a minor biceps femoris injury.

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But this deficiency was not felt in any way. Przemysław Frasunkiewicz’s side defended brilliantly, which was crucial. In the third quarter, they allowed the hosts to score only eight points. Then the fate of the duel was decided.

The competition leader has moved away from his opponents at a rapid pace, and it is difficult to chase down such a fast opponent if you shoot 35% efficiently and cause 17 losses.

This is Anuel’s tenth win at the start of the season. The residents of Włocławek are still undefeated in the Orlen Basketball League, and the chasing group? Five teams – at the moment – have four defeats each.

Grupa Sierleccy Czarni Słupsk – Anuel Włocławek 58:83 (15:22, 20:16, 8:26, 15:19)

Blacks: Werner Kuhs 13, Michal Michalak 10, Pinas Greciunas 10, Michael Kafi 7, Macieu Teague 6, Bartosz Jankowski 5, Pawel Leonczyk 5, Daniel Szymkiewicz 2, Simon Wojciech 0, Jan Pluta 0.

Anuel: Victor Sanders 23, Luke Petrasek 14, Jakub Jarbacz 11, Mateusz Kostrzewski 10, Tanner Groves 10, Janari Goesar 9, Kalev Young 4, Kamil Laszinski 2, Igor Wadowski 0, Bartosz Lazarski 0.

Orlean Basketball League 2023/2024

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