The Sims 4: Downloadable content rumors spread, fans exploded
October 12 2022, 21:28

Rumors about two new sets for The Sims 4 were met with a critical reception. Players are complaining that EA, rather than fixing bugs, prefers to release more small additions.

There are rumors on the web about the following two groups The Sims 4. These reports resulted in The gaming community was disappointed again and in frustration I started complaining about Electronic Arts’ politics in droves.

Rumors of new groups

Kits are small add-ons that mainly offer cosmetic items. Information about new content of this type published Sims Forums user with the alias LeGardePourpre. In the update files, I found icons that look like they depict the new DLC. Of course you should keep that in mind This is an unofficial report and may turn out to be incorrect.

player frustration

However, the aforementioned leak spawned the bitterness of the masses. on me reddit A simple meme showing how the EA handles different types of add-ons has appeared. If you look at the recently released DLC, you can see that combos are almost becoming popular. On the other hand, accessories have stopped appearing.

DLC rumors spread for The Sims 4, fans exploded - Illustration #1


As it turns out, this meme is water of the mill for sad gamers who are tired of monetization politics. The Sims 4. The main complaint is that EA is planning to release more collections, rather than fixing bugs that have plagued the game for months. The leading example in the discussion has become a somewhat unusual anxiety system.

For context: the system of desires and fears appeared The Sims 4 In July this year. It makes Sims develop a fear of certain things over time. When faced with what scares them, they develop a negative mood.

While this sounds good on paper, it doesn’t work very well in practice. for example Fear of losing a job happens when you receive a promotion. In addition, the option to disable fears does not always have the desired effect and will continue to appear in the game.

I turned off the fears and desires in the settings, and my sim still had fears, especially due to “losing her job”, even though she graduated from college and reached the highest level in career – BooCatFun user wrote.

Of course, you can also find in the topic Reviews that the kits do not add anything interesting and that it is simply not profitable to buy them. So, you see, even informal information about the group makes the community irritable.

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