Boris on the state of public finances: The patient is healthy but could eat better

Paweł Burris, head of the Polish Development Fund, said in a press statement: “The patient is in good health. Of course, he is a little tired, and he can eat better and work on improving his fitness a little, but the state of public finances is very good.” Morning talk on RMF FM.

According to him, the assessment of the state of public finances depends on whether “someone likes or hates the current government.” I am an economist and can refer to such independent assessments. There are rating agencies, which are global organizations that professionally evaluate the credibility of public finances. Rating agencies have increased their assessment of the credibility of Polish public finances over the past six years to the so-called -. They are a team of four people, and what’s more, they have a stable perspective. It can be positive, negative and stable – pointed out the expert.

He added that threatening people with a bad public finance situation is also not good from the point of view of investors in financial markets. But you should know that the current budget deficit is approximately 4.5%. GDP, next year will be similar. The average deficit in the period 2010-2015 was at the same level – added.

There are a lot of such statements today, I have the impression that they are political, which indicates that things were very bad. This is due to the fact that the current government already had a plan – it spent a lot on social programs and significantly increased defense spending, from PLN 50 billion a few years ago to more than PLN 150 billion. In fact, this public finances do not have much room to continue cutting taxes or increasing additional expenditures. If the 100 Details campaign (Civic Coalition – editor’s note) involves spending PLN 100 billion, it is very difficult to reconcile it now – said Paul Boris.

In his opinion, there is no PLN 100 billion, that is, money for all the expenses that were promised. Because this means that the deficit is growing to a very dangerous level, so some choices must be made – pointed out.

Robert Mazurek also asked his guest what the new government should do regarding the Kurdistan Communist Party and the construction of nuclear power plants.

I fully believe that if we want to play in the top economic league, we must implement important projects such as transforming the energy system by building at least two nuclear power plants. In the same way, the Kurdistan Communist Party can serve as a window to the world for Gdynia, which was established in the interwar period. maybe Modernization of transportation infrastructure. Not only will we not have to travel as far via Frankfurt or London. This also includes investments. This is the role, we all buy online today, so a lot of parcels also fly. So Good transport infrastructure is the basis of a modern economy and at the same time good business – confirmed.

What about ezers? The KPO includes the construction of the island factory. If this money is now part of the so-called Electric Mobility Fund, it is earmarked for this investment – to reply.

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