“Martin Made Live”: Mike Ward reveals how much he earns “Under Listening” a month

In a rare television appearance, comedian Mike Ward met his longtime friend Martin Matt on the set of his talk show Thursday evening. He did some convincing, especially revealing who was the worst guest listening And how much his podcast earns him monthly.

Relaxed and smiling, the comedian, who stands out on both the French-speaking and English-speaking scene, revealed to Martin Matt during the segment. Questions about the boxMake five figures monthly with his podcast Mike Ward: ListeningIt’s closer to $50,000 than $100.

The worst guest he ever had at the brothel was Sebastien Bourgeault. “Every time he comes in, it’s a disaster, and then it’s fun, but the first hour is always heavy,” Mike Ward said during the segment.

The success of listening

“The Internet actually gave birth to me. Even in the beginning, before there was high-speed Internet, I put [en ligne] Audio extracts in MP3. It took 20 minutes to “download” a one-minute MP3. It doesn’t make any sense,” said the originally 50-year-old comedian, who now makes a pretty decent living with spinoffs from his podcast.

He goes back to the origins of the project, which began after a New Brunswick fan who won a contest to host a private Mike Ward show introduced him to podcasts. The comedian later admitted to falling under the spell of podcasting.

I said to myself, “I want to do that. The technology is there, and I’m going to put on a ‘show’.” I’ve always liked Quebec comedians, but I find that comedians are funnier “backstage” than on stage. I thought it would be fun to listen to the world because they were backstage,” explained Mike Ward.

His podcast first started on Skype before conquering YouTube and other podcasting platforms. To date, the comedian has held several records, including the Guinness World Record for the highest number of tickets sold to attend a taping of an episode.

Martin Matt, on Thursday evening, wanted to highlight the great generosity of a friend he knew at the National School of Humor in the early 1990s. An attempt the city of Montreal rejected in the middle of winter.

The duo also introduced a new segment, “The Mike Is Right”, where two members of the audience must correctly guess the price of items Mike Ward has purchased. They then spent quality time with Marilyn Gendron, who teased them.

Martin is matte and direct Presented on TVA every Thursday from 9pm from Espace St-Denis. Next week, Martin gets Anne Dorval.

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