Fuel prices in Poland.  Will Christmas cruises be cheaper?

The Polsat Plus group and the Polsat Foundation together for children from Ukraine

In line with our expectations, only in the future Easter holidaygiven the cheapest lately petroleumThey fall again fuel prices Commentary of petroleum electronic analysts.

In mid-April, car users had most reasons to be satisfied diesel engineBecause over the past week the national average diesel fuel price Significantly decreased, as much as 30 sprays per liter. Today, 6.99 PLN per liter of this fuel. Also, you pay $11 much less than the last quote for the same amount of petrol Pb95It is offered at retail for PLN 6.41.

The smallest – up to 0.06 PLN – applies to the price of self-gas, which is currently 3.67 PLN.

employment fuel On the map of Poland, there are currently three regions in which e-petrol.pl . is registered Lowest fuel prices. These are the following districts: Świętokrzyskie at 6.37 PLN per liter Pb95, Opolski, where diesel costs 6.96 PLN / liter (the only region with an average oil price below PLN 7) and Lubelski, where liquefied petroleum gas It costs 3.56 PLN.

refueling fuel 95-octane fuel is the most expensive in the West Pomeranian province and in Podlasie, a liter of such fuel costs 6.45 PLN. Diesel fuel is the most expensive in Lesser Poland, where there is the same amount fuel Its cost is 7.10 PLN, and auto gas is at PLN 3.72 / liter in Mazovia.


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