Information technology industry, careers of the future.  How much can you earn?

The IT industry has been associated with stable employment and high profits for many years, but there are also better and less prosperous professions within it. HRS-IT experts, a company that specializes in recruiting and hiring information technology professionals, point out the most future-proof and earnable specialties in them.

Although the best IT professionals can be sure of their place in the job market, just as in other industries, it is worth being careful. It is not enough to have the right qualifications once. Maintaining a senior position requires following trends, constant training, and high flexibility to be able to retrain quickly if necessary. As a result, specialists will be more effective in securing a promising career also in the future and will be able to negotiate higher salaries says Kinga Marczak, general manager at HRS-IT.

Which specialists are exceptionally popular in the labor market?

1. Information Security Analyst

As the number of threats increases and companies become aware of the need to protect data, the need for cybersecurity professionals increases. Statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicate that By 2030, the number of jobs for such professionals could increase by a third. The primary responsibilities of information security analysts include monitoring of complex computer networks, patch management, firewalls, antivirus software, and intrusion detection and prevention systems.

The rates of information security analysts are From 12 thousand PLN up to 40,000 PLN per month On a B2B contract.

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2. programmer

According to BLS forecasts, The number of developer jobs could increase by more than a fifth by 2030. In addition to knowledge of many programming languages, such as C#, C++, HTML, Java, .Net and SQL, employees in this specialization need high analytical and communicative skills.

Developer rates depend on experience and fluctuate From 5000 for juniors up to 45 thousand PLN for experts In a month on a B2B contract.

IT professionals are the highest-paid professional group in Polandstock struggle

3. Data Analyst

Companies collect an increasing amount of internal and external data, and its analysis is necessary to make the right business decisions. BLS forecasts that it could be in 2026 28 percent more workplaces In this profession from the present. A data scientist is an interdisciplinary role. Such a specialist must demonstrate not only excellent knowledge of programming languages, mathematics and statistics, but also knowledge of corporate goals and business problems.

Data analyst rates are From 8 thousand PLN up to 20 thousand. zloty In a month on a B2B contract.

4. Web developer

Corporate computing, including online communications with customers, or e-commerce development, provides web developers with a stable position in the market. by 2030 The number of jobs in this profession may increase by 13%. (BLS data). In order to successfully advance their career, these people need, among other things, skills in creating custom web applications, deploying applications in the cloud, and great communication and collaboration skills with clients and colleagues.

Web developer rates are From 10 thousand PLN up to 30 thousand. zloty In a month on a B2B contract.

5. Computer Systems Analyst

It analyzes computer systems, prepares an IT system implementation plan, collaborates with programmers, and then performs a series of tests to check if the system is working properly. A computer analyst has to do many tasks, so his high earnings should come as no surprise. A BLS diagnosis indicates this The number of jobs for such specialists in the next four years may increase by 9%. Creative people with high communication, analytical and problem-solving skills will effectively develop their careers in this field.

Computer systems analyst rates are From 10 thousand PLN up to 20 thousand. zloty In a month on a B2B contract.

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