Beckett (2021) - (Netflix) movie review.

Beckett He is vacationing with his wife, April, in Greece. They were supposed to travel somewhere else, but their plans changed at the last minute, so generally their comfort is associated with a lot of spontaneity. However, at some point, Beckett falls asleep at the wheel and a car accident occurs. It soon becomes clear that this is just the beginning of his troubles, because he is also involved in an international conspiracy.

Beckett (2021) – movie review (Netflix). pile of stones

I don’t know what these premium Netflix products are. This site is known to have some good movies and series to offer. At the same time, it is no secret that his libraries are full of things that may have been filmed on tape, which is not worth wasting time on. In fact, the only thing that attracts more attention is the cast, although there were a lot of failures for which well-known directors were responsible. This time there was Ferdinando Seto Filmarino behind the camera, for whom Beckett It is the third film in eleven years. Where could the error be?

As you can guess, practically everything. In fact, it doesn’t have much to do with what the movie is about Beckett Write, so it won’t be a long review. Well, yes – the scenario is completely bad. First of all, it’s full of absurdities, especially that chasing after the main character made him like a crossroads many times and they did nothing about it. seriously opponents Beckett They are so appallingly incompetent that it is impossible to believe that they would be able to take part in any political conspiracy. I’m afraid they couldn’t even rig the class chief election in elementary school. Second, it’s all incredibly predictable, there’s no chance of surprise here, every plot twist is visible at least a dozen or so before it happens. Third, the whole story is not about anything. Fleeing across half of Greece, the man meets different people along the way and discovers mysterious and illegal machinations in the circles of power. the end. why all that? unknown.

For a moment, I thought I’d be able to praise the acting, after all, of appearing on screen — for shorter or longer — John David Washington, Alicia Vikander, Boyd Holbrook (you can associate it with, say, Narcos) and Vicki Krebs. The problem is that none of the characters have an interesting personality or character, so the people who play them have absolutely nothing to play with. and show up. I get the impression that no one even wants to pretend, so everyone knocks on their – often wooden – lines of dialogue for a break, as long as they get over it as quickly as possible. We know nothing about the characters, they are not developed in any way, their motivations are hardly drawn at best.

All this leads to the fact that Beckett It is simply an incredibly boring movie. There is no cheering here, the story is not at all captivating. Added to this is the hopeless tendency, which means that even a gram of any tension is not shown here. And I’d like to remind you that the main character is constantly on the run and is – at least in theory, because eventually he starts to act like James Bond – in danger all the time. In the end, the only thing I can praise this movie for is the landscapes of Greece, but you can also see them in pictures online.

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