Was the pole of life discovered on Venus?

The Pole conducted some of the most important and pioneering research in the history of conquering the universe to search for life! Dr. Janusz Petkowski and his team from MIT discovered phosphine in the clouds of Venus.

On Earth, it is produced naturally only as a metabolite by anaerobic bacteria. Ladies and gentlemen, either we have discovered the first evidence of life in the solar system, or the chemical processes taking place there are completely different from what occurs on Earth. Processes that we do not fully understand today. All major newspapers in the world wrote about the research results published in the journal Nature Communications. time. The New York Times. Wall Street Journal. Washington Post. National Geographic. All the TV stations were talking about it. From CNN, via BBC to Sky News. However, such studies are worth talking about once the dust settles. This is what I do too. The discovery has its own website, where over the years scientists have refuted all claims aimed at shocking it. In response to the text co-authored by Dr. Petkowski, dozens of scientific papers have already been written. It was not transferred. Today we can say that this is a confirmed anomaly. There is an interview about this perhaps extremely important anomaly for humanity at the link in the comment.

Dr. Janusz Petkowski

Dr. Janusz Petkowski is a researcher Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Graduated from the University of Virginia. He then trained in Switzerland and worked at the Zurich University of Technology for 3 years, and for the past 5 years he has worked in the Department of Planetary Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is one of the founders of the Polish Astrobiological Society. He dedicates his life to searching for life in the universe. He is looking for answers to determine how many of these anomalies will allow us to realize that this is extraterrestrial life. However, the doctor decided to leave the United States and actually live in Poland. In an interview with me, he laughed because it was a Polish company Ivy league. From Poland he co-directed one of the most pioneering researches in history. Developing technology capable of collecting samples Th. When I ask him what this research will do for us, he says it will change everything. Our perception of ourselves in the universe. They will open us to new chemistry.


This is a conversation about what life is. About what it means to be a member of a research team with the whole world watching. When will we decide that what we find in the solar system is complex enough to be considered life? About the beginning of life on Earth. How gamma rays could sterilize Earth How an asteroid could have brought life to Earth. About passion and great consistency. About Poland as one of the best places to live in the doctor's opinion. I recommend this conversation to everyone in the comment below the link. Thank you, Doctor, for your time and tests!

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