He broke the psychological barrier.  We got a picture of the gas station

On Thursday, you had to pay PLN 7.02 for a liter of standard 95 gasoline at the Orlin station on Binita Street in Warsaw. A reader sent us a photo of the edifice from this station via the platform dziejesie.wp.pl.

The basic version of diesel fuel costs 6.99 PLN per liter in Bennett, and LPG – 3.09 PLN. Orlen 98 gasoline costs PLN 7.59 per liter, and the top diesel variant – PLN 7.22.

Bennetta Station is special because it is located in the immediate vicinity of Poland's largest airport, at Okęcie in Warsaw. In a place like this, the high prices shouldn't be a big surprise. but This is not the only site where the price of the basic version of gasoline in recent days exceeded the psychological limit of PLN 7 per liter.

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Such rates can already be seen at popular highway gas stations, and one of our readers informed us that a couple of days ago he saw gasoline costing more than PLN 7 at one of the stations while driving from Warsaw to Buk.

The reduction was only temporary

However, these prices still do not come around very often. On Wednesday, analysts of the e-Petrol.pl portal reported that the average price of 95 gasoline in Poland is PLN 6.65 per liter which is three times higher than last week. In Mazovia, where this fuel is the most expensive, the average price is currently PLN 6.75 per litre. Experts pointed out that the drop in gasoline prices last week turned out to be only temporary.

Analysts pointed this out However, the nationwide average price of diesel oil remained unchanged and remained at PLN 6.69 per liter for a month. As for automobile gas, its prices at gas stations have not stopped falling since the end of February, although the size of the changes in this period is small and amounts to only PLN 0.6. Last week, this fuel became a penny cheaper at PLN 2.84 per litre.

Oil prices depend on the situation in the Middle East

Last Friday, e-petrol.pl experts predicted this The tense political situation in the Middle East may translate into a sharp increase in oil prices. They also pointed to the slowdown in oil demand in China. In their view, the market weakness is confirmed by data on real estate investments, retail sales and industrial production. The analysts explained, “This factor is what made oil not react very dynamically to reports from Israel and Iran.”

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