Mercedes withdraws the best engines from sale!  However, the reason is completely different than you think...

If your heart is beating to the beat of a Mercedes V8, we don’t have good news for you. The German company has confirmed that almost all of them will be phased out in the US with the launch of the 2022 model. The reason is very different than you think.

Mercedes in trouble again

This information first appeared on Reddit, and has now been confirmed by employees of the German company. Thus Mercedes has confirmed that V8s will remain only in the Maybach S 580 and Mercedes S 580.

This means that, at least temporarily, Mercedes will not assemble its largest engine in a large number of models. We are talking about “regular” and AMG car models such as: C-, E-, GLC-, GLE-, GLS- and G.

Mercedes was relatively shy about the issue and initially refused to explain why this decision was made. Ultimately, the German company sent out a circular and a statement that it was responsible for the supply problems.

Germany wants to solve the problem

The car manufacturer did not go into details, but stated that “its priority is to focus on meeting various global, external and internal requirements. In addition to many other factors, including but not limited to supply chain challenges. They have an impact on the range of products offered in the markets.” different”.


Mercedes added that it is investigating every scenario that could solve the current problems as quickly as possible. The Company will work with merchants and customers to mitigate any inconvenience caused by the delay.

This statement is somewhat ambiguous, but the blame lies with the global chip crisis, which affected the production of many other cars as well. Whatever the reason, the company reportedly asked dealers to stop selling V8 models and advised customers who had already ordered that their vehicles would not arrive as scheduled.

blessing in disguise

Cristiano Ronaldo Brabus G Class

The exit from the larger engines appears to be due to the environment and stricter exhaust emissions standards. Unfortunately, Mercedes didn’t close any of the gates. So we can count on the fact that their V8s will keep coming back in the lineup. But when that happens, there is a huge unknown. Experts predict that the global chip crisis will continue in 2022, which does not inspire optimism for Mercedes customers and fans of massive V8 engines.

This isn’t the first time Mercedes has had a problem with its chip crunch. Not so long ago, he had to close one of his major factories, which for a few days stopped producing cars. So the situation is very dangerous.

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