“365 Days” star Michele Morrone plays the evil occultist in the film adaptation of the video game “Home Sweet Home.”
Michele Morrone, star of “365 Days,” “365 More Days” and “365 Days: On This Day,” will star in the film adaptation of the video game “Home Sweet Home,” with Alexander Kessel and Steven Hacker serving as the camera. Excitingly, Morrone will be the villain of the production and will play the role of an evil occultist who tries to open the gates of hell.

What is the movie adaptation of “Home Sweet Home”?

The cast of the “Home Sweet Home” adaptation also includes William Moseley (“The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”), and Thai-Norwegian actress and model Orasaya Sperbund (“Too Fast, Too Tender”). and K-pop star and K series Alexander Lee (“Martial Arts School”).

The film’s hero is Jake (Mosley), a police officer who finds himself in an alternate reality after a bloody shooting in a mall. With the support of a mysterious monk (Lee), he must rescue his wife, Prang (Sperbund), and stop the evil occultist, Mick (Moron), from opening the gates of hell.

We’ve continued to evolve since launching the game in 2017, bringing the most exciting stories to our players. We are excited to expand the Home Sweet Home universe and brand by bringing it to global audiences through a feature film.Commented Tanat Guywat, head of YGG, the studio that created the game.

Alexander Kessel and Steven Hacker will be the directors, and German special effects studio Unexpected will be responsible for the visual aspect. Producers include Dean Altit of Altit Media Group and Paquin Maliwan of Film Frame Productions. Tanat Guywat and Sarut Toploy serve as executive producers.

Filming of the film has already begun in Bangkok.

365 Days movie trailer: This day

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