Godzilla and Kong blew away the box office, exceeding expectations.  Such a good result is a shock to experts

Scene Godzilla and Kong: A New Empire It was expected to collect between $40 million and $50 million during its opening weekend in North America. But the monster duo directed by Adam Wingard surprised, because box office experts did not expect that this result could double…! finally The opening is $80 million! This is the second best opening of 2024 after this achievement My debts 2 With a value of 82.5 million US dollars. Something had certainly happened that no one could have expected.

Godzilla and Kong – Box Office

According to EntTelligence, 5.5 million viewers went to see Godzilla and Kong in North America alone, which is exactly the number of tickets sold. Interestingly, according to them, this is the best result of the year, because there is no other title, including Sand dunes 2, not that many tickets were sold during the opening weekend. For comparison on Sand dunes 2 5.2 million tickets were sold at the time. The difference in the opening amount is due to the fact that Sand dunes 2 It has broken records for its popularity in IMAX theaters, but the ticket price is higher there.

The $80 million was also the second-best opening in MonsterVerse history Godzilla From 2014. At the time, King of the Monsters grossed $93.1 million.

Godzilla and Kong exceeding all expectations is not limited to North America, as the same thing is happening in many parts of the world. $114 million was raised from 63 markets. Globally, the film had an opening of $194 million against a budget of $135 million.

Ghostbusters 4 – Box Office

Unfortunately, the situation is not good here. The monster duo and the mediocre reviews are what made the movie Ghostbusters. Ice empire In North America, it recorded a 65% drop in attendance. Here he has $15.7 million ($73.4 million total). In the world, it will only be released in more countries after Christmas, because currently these markets are only a few. In total, the account amount was US$108.5 million against a budget of US$100 million.

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Diona 2 – Box Office

Sand dunes 2 It continues to see very low attendance declines in every market around the world. In North America, the film grossed $252.3 million after its fifth weekend of release. It raised US$373.7 million worldwide. To sum up, we have a total of $626.1 million against a budget of $190 million.

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