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Have you ever wondered who was behind the famous March on Washington in 1963? Netflix responds with a new production, Rustin, that draws us into Bayard Rustin’s turbulent life. It’s not just a movie, it’s a history lesson you can’t miss.

If numbers matter to you, “Rustin” racked up more than 120,000 views in one day. And that’s more than enough evidence that this fact-based story sparks a lot of interest.

The movie is in good hands

film “RustinIt is one of the most recent ads Netflixwhich he shared on YouTube. Before we get to the plot, it’s helpful to take a look at the staff and people working on the project.

Source: Youtube Netflix

direction deals with the film George C. WolfWhich we can be proud of It was nominated for an Emmy Award. Wolfe is no stranger to Netflix, having previously collaborated on Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.

when it comes to ScenarioHe is its author Dustin Lance Blackwhich he has in his wallet Oscar For the movie Milk 2008.

What about the visuals? the pictures Made for the movie Tobias Schlesslerand for costumes answers Tony Leslie James.

Source: Youtube Netflix

Important plot outline

Let’s start with the fact thatRustinis a story about Bayardzhi Rostiny, Civil rights activist. Through his strategy and activism, Tenney influenced social changes in the United States for more than half a century.

It is his most important achievement The March on Washington in 1963organized to defend labor and freedom.

The path to this historical moment was not easy for Rustin. He had to face many obstacles.

Source: Youtube Netflix

It was once Member of the Communist Youth Leaguewhich was controversial at the time in the United States.

Moreover Rustin spent three years in prison For refusing to cooperate with the army for reasons of conscience. for him open homosexualityFor which he was also arrested, he made it more difficult to work for equality and freedom.

on the first show The movie is scheduled to be shown November 17, 2023. This appointment has been postponed several times for various reasons.

It is certainly worth emphasizing that “RustinIt will be available to subscribers Netflix from Poland. The platform has already prepared a dedicated tab.

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