Battle for Middle-earth on Unreal Engine 5. The beautiful new version of The Lord of the Rings promises to be better and better
April 27, 2024, 11:15 am

The creators of the fan-made BFME: Reforged have broken the silence. They talked about their vision for the project and showed a new recording of the game.

Image source: BFME: Reforged Team


He's been quiet for a long time BFME: remodelinga fan project designed to be an unofficial remake of the classic RTS game The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth from 2004. Over the past two years, the authors have only published sporadically This is YouTube Remastered songs from the soundtrack and short videos showcase enhanced character models. But now production is high again thanks to the announcement I posted Gamestar website.

First, the article brought us the first new footage of the game in three years BFME: remodeling. The video is short and the sound system isn't fully functional yet, but it still gives a good idea of ​​the visual improvements the Unreal Engine 5-powered version of the fan will offer.

The authors' goal is to provide graphics with a level of detail ten times higher.

  1. Porting the game to the new engine will also allow for comfortable gameplay in 4K resolution and without the 30 FPS limit that was present in the original..
  2. The creators also want to add new units, buildings, and abilities, implement improved multiplayer with a ranking system, and introduce new single-player campaigns.
  3. However, the authors make sure that all these changes do not cause the game to lose its identity and not resemble the original.

The project has been in development for a very long time. The first teaser was posted in 2018, but it was only used for recruitment. The real work started five years ago. The creators have rarely released new material for the game over the past two years, for which they apologized and promised to improve it.

Although it is a fan project, it is large in size and approximately 50-60 people are currently working on it. Original version engine The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth It has limitations that limit what modders can do with it. That is why the remake was created in Unreal Engine 5. This made it possible, for example, to add collisions between units, which makes the tactical aspect of the game more attractive.

Unfortunately, those who are waiting for the remake will have to be patient, because the premiere of the project will take place only in a few years. As a consolation, the creators have confirmed that we will now receive new information more often, and a new recording of the game will be published soon.

  1. The official website of the project

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