“Finally we are satisfied with the state of Cyberpunk 2077”, CD Projekt concludes its 3-year long journey with a short but clear statement
2 April 2024, at 15:12

More than three years after the premiere of Cyberpunk 2077, the creators have admitted that they are satisfied with the state of production.

Image source: CD Projekt RED


Cyberpunk 2077 has come an incredibly long way since its debut, and it's only now, more than three years later, The developers have publicly admitted that they are satisfied with the state of their latest game.

I think we all remember December 10, 2020, when it first appeared Cyberpunk 2077. After great success Witcher 3The expectations for this production were huge. Unfortunately, some players were similarly disappointed.

Most affected are those trying to play on eighth generation consoles The game's performance was so bad that Sony decided… withdrawal Its from the PS Store and Microsoft has made it easy to return it. The situation for PC players was a little better, but even here there were a lot of bugs. Only the release of update 2.0, which was the culmination of the company's activities, and the Phantom Liberty expansion was able to seriously change the perception of players.

Finally, we are satisfied with the state of the game

In the latest one Power point Regarding the group's financial results – which we described here – Adam Kicinski revealed another interesting piece of information. The creator directly admitted that the studio is satisfied with the current situation Cyberpunk 2077. This can be considered a final addition Thanks For players for three years of support.

We are finally satisfied – since last year – with the state of the game; Both the basic version of the game and Illusory freedom The latter, of course, satisfied us from the beginning.

So it seems that after three years of constant patching and improving the game, the developers finally feel like they are ready to leave this stage behind them and take a step forward. This, as we know from the same show, has already happened. above Cyberpunk 2077 Only a few people are currently working (according to the information in the presentation, there are exactly 17 of them), and the vast majority have already started creating The Witcher 4. We can only hope that this hugely successful title will get off to a better start.

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