Geoff Keighley invites you to The Game Awards 2023. Watch the impressive trailer for the event

The Gaming Awards have grown in recent years to become the largest and most important event in the industry that no one who is passionate about gaming and is waiting for the latest information about it can miss. As he does every year, Jeff Keighley presents a trailer for his event.

Like every year for almost a decade, now at the beginning of December, we will witness the next “Oscars”, which brings up more and more emotions. This year, not only do we not have a single certainty about the Game of the Year award, but we can also look forward to a slew of great announcements, including some truly next-gen products.

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The trailer below doesn’t reveal much about what might be revealed, but during the roughly 3-hour live show, there will be about 20-30 material from current projects that are still secret? Is it really worth the wait? Here is the initial list of shows consistent with the rumors and first teasers:

  • Sega is set to reveal its big secret game
  • Microsoft confirmed its presence at the exhibition
  • The authors of The Inscryption will present a new game
  • We will see the first DLC material for Warframe
  • Epic Games will feature Rocket Racing
  • There are rumors about some games from the Xbox Live Arcade library being remastered
  • Must see Death Stranding 2
  • Elden Ring DLC ​​release date
  • Data premieres on the 20th anniversary of Beyond Good & Evil
  • Sony may reveal additional content for God of War: Ragnarok

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