“Baby Boom, or kogel mogel 5” is in theaters on Friday.  We know what it will be like

On Friday, January 26, the next part of the popular and long-awaited film series will appear in cinemas. “Baby Boom, or Kugel Mugel 5” However, it is significantly different from its predecessors. First of all, one of the main characters will be missing. Ewa Kasprzyk will not appear on screen, Who was not satisfied with the previous installation. She found it particularly disappointing in the premiere when she saw that most of her scenes had been cut.

The fifth part of the series will be significantly different from the previous parts. The scenario has changed dramatically, and the main plot will revolve around the Wolański couple, but this time it revolves around Piotruś (Maciej Zazdrowieny) and Marlenka (Katarzyna Skrzynica). The strong point of the film will also be…the children.

The first part of the cult series was released 36 years ago. The screen shows the fate of Kasia Solska, who comes from a village and runs away to study in Warsaw. There she met the Wolański couple – Marianna (Zdzislaw Warden) and Barbara (Ewa Kasprzyk). She took care of their prodigal son Piotrus. In the later parts, her character lost importance, and the plot focused on the later characters.

“Baby Boom, or kogel mogel 5” will be about children. First, the pregnancy turns Agnieszka's life upside down (Alexandra Hamkalo), which accompanies Piotrus during childbirth. This experience had a great impact on him, and made him start dreaming of having a child. His wife is not happy about this.

The film has not yet premiered, but a torrent of criticism has already appeared online. Users of the Filmweb platform have particularly sharp opinions, where you can find information about premieres, plots, scripts and actors in films, as well as evaluate and comment on productions.

The site dedicated to the film “Baby Boom, or Kogel Mogel 5” is already full of critical comments.

“Masochism” or “vain drudgery” or “Please, enough” or “We'll probably get to part 18” are just the mildest.

However, we are not disappointed and will wait for the premiere. And you? Are you going to the cinema?

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