Almost half of Poles believe that the situation in the country is going in the wrong direction

CBOS Bank reported that since March, the number of people who are satisfied with the direction of the changes taking place in the country has increased (from 34% to 37%). However, the proportion of dissatisfied people is similar (currently 45% compared to 46% in March).

The trend of changes taking place in the country was evaluated positively by 40 percent. Younger participants aged 18-24. Skepticism dominated the remaining age groups.

The opinion that the situation in our country is moving in the right direction was more often shared by residents of cities with a population of more than half a million people (58%), people with higher education (53%), representatives of administration and specialists. (56%), middle-class and technical employees (47%), employees of public enterprises (50%) and people with an income of each family member of PLN 4,000. Polish złoty or more (56%).

Negative opinion about the direction Poland is currently heading was most often expressed by rural residents (54%), people with primary or basic vocational education (56% and 58%, respectively), and among professional groups – skilled workers (61 ). percent) and unskilled (59%), especially farmers (70%).

In addition, the general trend of the country's development was viewed negatively by people who take care of the home and others (59%), and those who work on private farms (69%), as well as by participants who negatively assessed their family's financial conditions. (63%). People whose income per family member is less than PLN 2,000. PLN also assessed the overall situation in the country much worse than others.

According to CBOS, the political orientation and worldview of respondents also influence the perception of the direction of changes in Poland. 60% evaluated the current situation positively. Respondents identify with the left. 60 percent of people with right-wing views rated it negatively.

KO voters (77%) and 57% were convinced of the good trend of changes in Poland. Third Way Voters. At the same time, the percentage of supporters of the Law and Justice Party and the Confederation reached 73%. They believed that the situation in the country was moving in the wrong direction.

Moreover, according to the survey, the percentage of positive evaluations was most often higher among participants who do not participate in religious practices.

When it comes to the political situation in our country, it was rated best by residents of large cities (33%), as well as those with a population between 100,000 and 100,000 inhabitants. and 499,999 of the population (30%). Satisfaction with the political situation in the country was also shared relatively often among people with higher education (29%), managers and specialists (29%), middle and technical employees (31%) and the self-employed (31%). .

According to CBOS, respondents' income, political views and religiosity are important. Participants with a per capita monthly income of at least 4000 PLN. PLN and moreover, they assessed the political situation in the country as the best. As the frequency of participation in religious masses, services, or meetings increased, the percentage of those satisfied with the current political situation decreased.

More than three-fifths (62%) of PiS supporters expressed negative opinions about the current political situation. 70% rated it negatively. Confederate supporters. Positive opinions dominated only among KO voters (49%). “Third Way” and “Left” voters mostly believe that the current political situation is neither good nor bad (51% and 47%, respectively).

The “Current Issues and Events” survey was conducted from 8 to 18 April as part of a mixed-mode procedure on a representative sample of 1,079 adults residing in Poland, drawn from the PESEL (PAP) register.

Author: Iona Shorik

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