Cameron Diaz quits acting again.  Reason: Jamie Foxx?
Did you miss Cameron Diaz? In 2018, the actress announced her retirement to focus on her family life. However, the star was preparing to return to the screen to star as Jamie Foxx in the Netflix action comedy Back in Action.However, it appears that Diaz’s comeback will not last long. There was reportedly an incident on the set involving Foxx, and the actress plans to retire after filming is over.

Cameron Diaz back in action? Just for a moment

According to rumors, this incident just happened. Jamie Foxx, the star and executive producer of “Back in Action,” reportedly went on a rampage that fired a number of people, including another executive producer, his chauffeur, and two directors (!). From the outside, it looks like a state of Hollywood stardom. However, it should be noted that we do not currently know Foxx’s motives or the circumstances of the event. We also don’t know which directors he fired: “Director” can refer not only to Seth Gordon behind the camera, but also to the second unit director or “photography” operator.

However, it seems that the accident – although it may have undoubtedly influenced the actress’s decision – is not the main catalyst for Cameron Diaz’s return to retirement. The reason is the same as the first time: the star prefers to focus on family life. Diaz is married to Benji Madden of Good Charlotte, with whom she has a 3-year-old daughter. A return to acting meant a return to the 10-hour workday for Diaz, and although the actress sees her family on standby in the UK, she doesn’t get to spend as much time with her baby as she’d like.

Interestingly enough, Diaz wouldn’t have returned to acting if it weren’t for Fox. The actress is a close friend of hers and he persuades her to appear in a film he is producing. Apparently, this incident will not negatively affect their relationship.

What do we know about the new movie with Cameron Diaz?

Back-to-work plot details are being kept under wraps for now. Behind the camera was Seth Gordon (“Baywatch. Baywatch”). He also co-wrote the script. The cast also includes Andrew Scott, Glenn Close, and Kyle Chandler.

Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx – they meet after years

Cameron Diaz for many years belonged to the first union of actors. Her films have grossed more than $5 billion worldwide. The biggest box office hits with her participation include: the series “Shrek”, in which she gave her voice to Princess Fiona, “There is a way to be blonde”, “Minority Report”, “The Mask”, “My friend gets married and” Charlie’s Angels “.

Back in Action isn’t the first time Cameron Diaz has been involved with Jamie Foxx. Their first joint project was “Game of Men”, where they met again on the set of the movie “Annie”, which turned out to be the last in Diaz’s career, and the actress officially retired from acting in 2018.

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