February 1, 2023


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Anthony Krulikowski wants to reconcile with Joanna Obozda.  "I believe that"

Anthony Krulikowski wants to reconcile with Joanna Obozda. “I believe that”

Anthony Krulikowski There are no easy months behind it. Dozens of articles have already been written about the actor making himself an idiot in the course of the eventual disorganized fight between fake Zelensky and fake Putin, but shortly thereafter A scandal erupted based on his feud with Joanna Oposda. The model and his wife, who is still present, accused him of not paying the alimony accepted by the son Małgorzata Ostrowska-Królikowska He defended himself regularly. “Szczcia chodzi parami” is the first movie to be released with Królikowski after the aforementioned misunderstanding. Gwiazdor gave an interview to Świat Gwiazdor, in which he hoped to reach an agreement with his son’s mother, and admitted the mistakes he had made.

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Anthony Krulikowski wants to reconcile with Joanna Obozda

Anthony Krulikowski admitted that he did not intend to explain what he had done, but believed that with Joanna Obozda they would find a thread of understanding.

I won’t confess to anyone about my life, what choices I make, they are my choices, and they are well thought out. This year I had to make many difficult decisions and it was difficult for a long time. Today I feel very well, I am happy to have a son. I think we will live with Asia in some way and we will live each other in our own way and strive for thatsaid the actor.

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Anthony Krulikowski’s plans go very far and are ambitious. As he claims, he has no intention of engaging in business that is about to be forgotten. He is only interested in people who will be able to brag about it to his son and show them to him with pride.

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Anthony Krulikowski

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