Locked under fire.  Universal spent a lot of money on it

Universal spent a lot of money on the remake of The Exorcist. The cost of purchasing the film rights and producing it was $400 million. Judging by the early reviews from critics, the studio will be very lucky if this investment pays off.

The new show, directed by David Gordon Green, was supposed to be similar to the original and completely scare the audience. It turns out that It doesn’t live up to William Friedkin’s famous 1973 film.

For now, reviewers are unanimous in their ratings, asserting that the film is a poor substitute for its great predecessor and preys on viewers’ nostalgia, but has nothing to offer. A Vanity Fair journalist wrote directly that it was a “serious robbery,” and the Los Angeles Times called the scene extremely stressful. Meanwhile, Collider described the new horror film as a “shallow sequel” and the BBC condemned it as a “straightforward rip-off of streaming”.

Exorcist: Confessor with terrible initial reviews

It’s been fifty years since we first met Pazuzu, and now it seems the creature has returned, ready to inflict pain on another unexpected family. KWhen two young girls disappear into the woods and return as something completely different, Ellen Burstyn is called upon to fight dark forces, using her daughter’s experience. In short, it’s an old-school horror movie, and you can watch the surprising trailer below.

The film’s cast included: Ellen Burstyn, Ann Dowd, and Lydia Jewett, and Linda Blair, known as Regan, appeared. The director of the sequel to the horror film is David Gordon Green, who also wrote the screenplay with Peter Sattler.

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