Drive-in movie season kicks off: Owners hope for less summer rain than last year

In the spring, many drive-in theaters open this weekend. After suffering through a rainy summer last year, their owners are crossing their fingers for better weather this year.

“We already know we have a great film schedule this summer with films like this Hate me 4, Reverse 2 And Deadpool & Wolverine. We have to hope for good weather!'' says Kevin Patenaut, co-owner of Ciné-Parc St-Hilaire.

Last year, the province's drive-in theaters started their season strong, especially thanks to the success of the family film. Awesome Mario Bros, released in early spring. But when summer came, Mother Nature came to spoil the party on several occasions.

“In July, we had three or four weekends of rain. These are obviously not ideal conditions for us,” laments Kevin Patenaut.

Like last year, Ciné-Parc St-Hilaire will be the first in the province to resume its operations in mid-April. This weekend, the doors of the Saint-Eustache and Orford drive-in theaters will reopen. Chandler (on Caspian) and Belle Neige (on Laurentian) will follow in late May.

A prediction Rs

Photo courtesy of Immina Films

To mark the start of the season, Ciné-Parc St-Hilaire this Thursday and for one evening only, Quebec Film RsFeaturing writer Kim Thuy and director Charles-Oliver Michaud.

The first 50 cars on site when doors open (7pm) will receive the usual popcorn and book gift pack. Rs And a poster for the movie. Picture My mother's menAnik Jean, will be screened later Rs.

Thanks to a new 4K projector installed on its main screen at Ciné-Parc St-Hilaire, movie buffs traveling to see this Quebec double bill can enjoy enhanced projection quality.

“It's a very powerful laser projector,” explains Kevin Patenaut. We are the only ones like this in Canada. It's a big investment, but it's worth it. We provided The Hill: Part Two On this screen two weeks ago on our opening weekend, we had regular customers who told us they couldn't believe the quality of the picture.”

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