Mastercard OFF Camera: Ignacy Liss behind the scenes of working on the “Quack” collection

Ignasi Liz Born February 16, 1998. Graduated in acting from the Theater Academy in Warsaw. Viewers may primarily associate him with the role of Count Leszek Czyński in the latest film version.”Zenachura” Directed by Michał Gazda. This is not the only high-profile appearance of the actor. In recent years, he appeared in the lead role in the film “Marzec '68”, as well as in the series “Tościowie”. He also starred in “Warszawianka” and the film “Fanfik”. These are just the selected titles from his filmography.

Respected surgeon Professor Rafał Wilczor loses his family and his memory. After many years, forgotten and poor, he meets his daughter. Play the main role I'll be Leshotaapart from Ignacy Liss, his screen partners were: Maria Kowalska, Anna Szymańczyk, Mirosław Haniszewski, Mikołaj Grabowski, Izabela Kuna, Pawe Tomaszewski, Małgorzata Mikołajczak and Łukasz Szczepanowski.

The film first appeared in Netflix Last fall, he won the hearts of viewers, which was a huge accomplishment. Millions of Poles loved the director's cut Jerzy Hoffmann, Therefore, positive reviews of Michał Gazda's film can be considered a great success. “Quack” is watched by viewers not only in Poland. Already in the first week after its premiere, the production reached the top ten in the list of the most popular non-English-speaking productions.

Ignacy Liss has been cast as Count Leszek Czyński in Netflix's 'Quack'., the lover of Maricia Wilczorona (played by Maria Kowalska). In an interview with Interia, which took place on the occasion of the Mastercard OFF Camera Film Festival in Krakow, the actor revealed this He was not immediately cast in the film.

“It was one of the biggest shows I've ever been in and I remember that At first it was not decided that I would play Count Chiensky. […] At the final stage, after a month or two, I discovered that unfortunately no, but then, when I buried that thought, even though I was very happy and felt that it might be good for me to play counting, I got a call from my agent, who… He told me that the casting director said they wanted to give me another chance, but Ignasi would come dressed as the Count. […] “Now that I think about it, I came to this selection wearing a very big shirt and very long, wide pants, so maybe I should have used my imagination,” Les said in an interview with Interia.

In the 1981 film version of “The Quack” directed by Jerzy Hoffmann, Tomasz Stockinger played Count Leszek Czyński. We asked Ignacy if he was inspired by this hero when creating his character in the film Michał Gazda.

“I tried not to look at the character from the previous adaptation. I think she is fascinating and worthy of attention and you can also look at the count in that way. However, it seemed to me that, and Michel also pushed us to do it so, our characters and Marisia's characters were contemporary, not to try to play the time we live in , but the context, i.e. the outfit, the location or the situation we are in, makes us feel at those times that he was close.”For me, the distinctive features were highlighted a little, that is, he is often thoughtless and intuitive in his statements, which is what actually gave him the character of the person. Light-hearted,” says Ignacy Lees.

In the same interview, he admitted that only after a while he realized that they were facing a kind of legend, respected by millions of Polish viewers.

“Only after the film did I start to feel the importance of us dealing with a legend, but on set I didn't feel it at all, because the director and the producer themselves, they all kept saying: We're making a new adaptation, this is our story.

The actor added that after the premiere of the new film “Quack Man”, he had no doubt that it was a beautiful story, and one of its important aspects was the touching music of Paweł Lucewicz. Lees had little doubts about whether it “didn't stand out” from the rest of the film's polished elements. “I had a feeling that maybe I hadn't fallen out of favor, because I think this movie is really great,” he summed up.

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