Another Polish coach will work in Saudi Arabia

Astrologers announce changes in coaching positions in the Saudi Professional League, and one might say that the number of Polish coaches in Saudi Arabia is increasing. Another coach from our own backyard will soon start working in the growing Asian league and will join the staff of the well-known coach from Extraclassa.

Martin Sevilla left Zagłębie Lubin two years ago to work in the Middle East. Then the Slovakian joined the Abha Club and stayed in Saudi Arabia forever. In the previous season, he took charge of Al-Adalah, and now he has taken charge of another Saudi Professional League team – Al-Ukhdood. Where are the Poles in all this? On his employees. Sevilla is very willing to invite Polish coaches to cooperate, and Jaroslaw Tkoc has taken advantage of this opportunity.

Madness or brilliant plan? How and why does Saudi Arabia want to take over football?

Jaroslaw Tkoc is another Polish coach who will work in Saudi Arabia

Corona Kelce has already announced the departure of Jaroslav Tkoc from Kamil Kozyra’s coaching staff. Adam Navalka’s former Polish teammate is in charge of goalkeeper training. Thanks to him, among other things, Javier Dzikonski moved on loan to Kielce, which is performing very well so far and is solving the Corona problem by sending a young player week after week, which will allow him to avoid a penalty from the Polish Football Association. .

Kelsey’s team did not specify the club to which coach Tkoc will leave, but according to our information, he will join Martin Sevilla’s team in the groove. The football club from the city of Najran, near the border with Yemen, currently occupies sixteenth place in the standings with 10 points from 13 matches. The groove is a newcomer to the league and is fighting to stay in it, which is the goal of Sevilla. Jaroslav Tkoč will meet three goalkeepers on site:

  • Paulo Vitor (Brazilian)
  • Hussein Shen (Saudi)
  • Abdulaziz Abdulrahma (Saudi)

Number one among the entries is first, which in the league’s rankings of goalkeepers is slightly below average when it comes to the effectiveness of tackles.

Saudi and Polish coaches. Tomasz Schorz has received an offer, and the Sheiks are looking at Maciej Skorza

Jaroslaw Tkoc will face an interesting challenge and a new reality – so far he has only worked for Polish clubs, including Rakov Czestochowa and Lech Poznań. He will also find Polish collaborators on site. Martin Sevilla was followed into the groove by his long-time assistant Roland Buchala, with whom the Slovakian had also worked at previous clubs. Mateusz Lajcak, the analyst who was until recently linked to Abha FC, has also worked with Sevilla in the past.

The interesting fact is that Jaroslaw Tkoc could only have been part of the Polish recruitment in Saudi Arabia. According to our information, Thomas Schurtz also had a job offer in this country. The coach of the Indian team Kerala Blasters has been offered a job as an analyst in the second division club, Al-Qadisiyah. This club can rely on support from government funds and will soon join the Saudi Professional League. His coach was the Spaniard Michel, who saw Coward in his staff. But in the end, the Pole was forced to refuse due to his contract with his current club.

In the context of Saudi Arabia, the name Maciej Skorża is also starting to appear. At the moment, the Urawa Red Diamonds coach will come to this country to participate in the World Club Championship, which will be held in Jeddah in December, but the Pole will leave the Japanese club in January, although the club really wants to keep him. Scorza has offers from Japan, but from what we hear, his name is also being considered in the context of work with leading clubs in the Saudi Professional League.

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