sex scandal.  The footballer has already been arrested

On Monday, police arrested footballer Nimes Olympique (Second Division). This player is suspected of using the services of a minor prostitute.

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The player was arrested on Monday afternoon. This was reported on the Objectif Grad website. This news was also provided by RMC Sport.

Press reports said a Nimes Olympique racer went to the police station last weekend to report that several young women had stolen his car. At the same time, a minor girl went to the dealer and tried to sell the car.

The people who wanted to hand over the car felt that something was wrong. They stopped the car and reported everything to the police.

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Then the girl testified at the police station. She stated that she had sex with the owner of the car for a fee, and also said that she was accompanied by, inter alia, another minor person.

Investigators tried to find out more from the aforementioned competitor. After interrogation, he was arrested.

The police have already opened an investigation. It is not yet known what threatens the football player Nim.

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