Robert Lewandowski reveals behind the scenes of the drama.  He was playing in a big tournament at that time

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Anna Lewandowska has had a miscarriage. Robert Lewandowski spoke about this difficult experience in the movie “Lewandowski – Unknown”. The best Polish footballer revealed when it happened.

For the first time, Anna Lewandowska spoke out about abortion after the highly controversial words of Law and Justice party leader Jaroslav Kaczynski. During the meeting in Eck, he mentioned that alcohol is to blame for the fact that women give birth to few children.

– If the situation continues, for example, until the age of 25 girls and young women drink as much as their peers, then there will be no children (…). But when he is 25 years old, he jokes a little, but this is not a good guess in these matters, said the politician.

“Being a mother was my biggest dream. Unfortunately, before this came true, like other women, I also had a miscarriage. According to statistics, every fifth couple in Poland unsuccessfully tries to conceive a child. Stress, health problems or hormones cause this,” wrote the fitness trainer. In response, it is not only problematic to get pregnant, but to maintain it as well.

Now Robert Lewandowski has spoken out about abortion. – European Championships in France (2016 – editorial note) It was the period when Anya and I were trying to have a baby. When Anya flew to France to star, it turned out that she had a miscarriage a few days earlier – this is indicated in the film “Lewandowski – Unknown”.

Watch the video: Grzegorz Krychowiak will return to the Polish national team? “I don’t rule it out.”

Eleven months after this event, Clara appears in the world. Laura was born three years later.

Three days after I lost my pregnancy, I went to Mass on Sunday. I was praying for a child. This moment calms you down and calms your mind. I left the church cleansing myself of bad feelings and realizing that I wanted to settle something: I forgave my father. Two months later I was pregnant – Lewandowska revealed on ‘Your Style’.

Lewy in the movie makes no secret of the fact that fatherhood has changed him dramatically. The production shows frames where you can see him playing with Clara. Clara opened me up to the world. But there are good people. You don’t have to close yourself off from the world. People can be trusted. The shell that covered my heart was slowly crumbling.

– Coming home from a losing match – I’ve never tried this before – Someone is waiting for you who doesn’t know what’s going on, but still smiles at you and waits for you to come back. Life “before” and “after” are two different worlds – indicates the footballer in the context of fatherhood.

On Tuesday, the premiere of “Lewi” will take place in Warsaw. From March 31, “Lewandowski – NieZnany” will be available on the Prime Video platform.

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