A big fight after Marcin Najman's fight.  Curiosities at Sławomir Peszka's concert

In the first duel between Najman and Seuss, a strange situation occurred. The “Emperor” hit his opponent in the back of the head, so he was unable to continue the fight and left the cage on a stretcher. We didn't have to wait long for the rematch.

The men started very calmly, after a while Adrian Seuss went to remove him and after a moment of struggle Marcin Njeman dropped to the ground. Later, the entertainment approached repetition. The Emperor's opponent shouted and gestured for blows to the back of the head. The referee stopped the fight and deducted a point from the fighter from Czestochowa. The competition is back on the ground, and “testosterone” hits the back of the head again. The referee warned Najman again and deducted a point from him. Another such incident could result in disqualification.

Unfortunately…this is what happened. Marcin Najman once again, albeit lightly and unintentionally, hit his opponent on the back of the head, and the referee ended the fight. The “Emperor” did not hide his nervousness about the whole situation and began to describe his opponent as a malingerer. Later, the president of FEN, who had a feud with Adrian Cios, also entered the cage. After many bitter words, the situation was brought under control and everyone went their separate ways.

Piotr Bajek tells us how to live after losing a battle. MMA Influence 1. Video/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

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