Dead ends of humanity.  Scientists have identified 14 evolutionary traps

Swedish researchers believe that humanity is heading towards an evolutionary dead end. He identified a total of 14 evolutionary dilemmas – such as climate change, environmental pollution, misguided artificial intelligence, and the acceleration of infectious diseases.

Researchers explain this using the example of insects. Moths orient themselves in the dark with the help of the glowing moon, a skill they have developed over the course of evolution. But since the invention of the light bulb, they have been drawn to street lamps, which puts them at risk of becoming easy prey for predators or simply getting burned.

Over the course of evolution, living organisms have developed certain characteristics or defense mechanisms that have allowed them to survive on the planet. However, over time, due to environmental changes, it may cease to play its role and even become harmful – Then we talk about the “evolution trap” or mismatch.

Until now, this concept has been used in research related to the animal world. However, the Swedish research team has also observed such evolutionary traps in the case of humanity.

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