Amazon beat Netflix.  One movie at the moment, but is this the start of changes for streaming?

“Crime 101” is a story about police officers who solve the mystery of jewelry thefts that occur along the West Coast. During the investigation, they were on the trail of the Colombian cartels. However, Detective Lou Lubesnick, instead of following his colleagues, focuses on one thief and begins tracking him down. The director is Bart Layton (including “American Animals”). The script was based on a story by Don Winslow from 2020, and will play the antagonists Chase Hemsworth and Pedro Pascal, who are “at the top” after many successes. “Crime 101” is already being compared to the great crime story “Fever.”

There was a fierce battle between the streaming giants for the film, which included a stellar cast. Netflix offered $100 million and Amazon offered less than $10 million. However, he was chosen by the producers – as reported “”Facebook News“. What happened?

It was about the cinema premiere

Netflix lost because, as always, it did not agree to the clause in the contract regarding the “theatrical window” and demanded significant modifications to the script. Amazon accepted the project with the benefit of the inventory and won.

The theatrical window is the period of time between a theatrical release and its premiere on a streaming platform, and has long been a source of conflict between movie studios and theaters. The first group wants to shorten it and make money faster, and the second wants to lengthen it to make money.

Cinema window, how long do you have to wait?

In 2010, it was 16 weeks, or 112 days. However, this period of exclusivity for movie theaters is shrinking. The pandemic brought about dramatic changes and the number of spectators in cinemas was later closed or restricted, when Warner Bros., for example, closed the number of spectators in cinemas. It released all of its 2021 theatrical releases simultaneously on the big screen and HBO Max.

In 2023, it’s usually about 30 days (there’s often a clause in the contract that says if a movie “opens” to more than $50 million, the break is extended).

What are the advantages of window cinema? First of all, according to the assumptions mentioned, among others, by ColliderCinema films remain in the memory longer and viewers return to them more often. An example of this is the film “The Gray Man,” produced for Netflix, which went largely unnoticed by popular culture. Perhaps if it had been released in cinemas first, it would have achieved much greater success, including: with reruns on the platform.

Moreover, a cinema premiere sets into motion a huge marketing machine, driven, among other things, by the cinemas themselves – streaming platforms can show trailers (as cinemas do before screenings), but they do not put posters on the streets. Often. In addition, viewers know that after some time, the film will be removed from the repertory (and this will happen faster than it disappears from the platform).

Usually, after the premiere in the cinema, you still watch a good movie at home – and this happened regardless (let anyone who did not spend hours watching “Harry Potter” or the director’s versions of “The Lord of the Rings” in every cast in a stone Christmas the first).

In the end, it’s the DVD that makes the difference. Streaming movies don’t appear on physical media, except for The Big Bell, so you can’t borrow them from a friend or the library. So, if they disappear from the platform, there is no way to get back to them. This is the trap of live streaming, which seems easy to achieve but is not so in practice.

Netflix is ​​at a crossroads. once again

Almost since the beginning of time, Netflix has taken the position of rejecting any cinematic window. Even when it comes to productions like “The Irishman” or the recently successful film “Glass onion: a film from the series “Knives Out.” The vice director of Netflix himself admitted in “Screen screaming“The latter would have been more profitable if it had been preceded by a cinematic premiere. But he immediately added that “Netflix does not plan to build a cinematic base for its business.” But what if it loses other very promising projects because of this approach?

Everyone knows that Netflix has built its reputation on delivering new movies and series to your door. This action plan was sufficient, but it was time to review it. As other streaming platforms started crowding the market, Netflix lost what made it unique. Although it took cinemas a long time to recover from their pandemic slump, productions such as “Barbie” showed that the right movie would attract large audiences to the halls. That was when it was racing against the atomic Oppenheimer, which fared a little worse, but still performed admirably.

Thus, the streaming giant is trying to avoid the costs of keeping the film in theaters. However, looking at the numbers, Amazon did not bid. It’s true that the actors’ salaries will cost a lot, but “Crime 101” has a chance to be a big hit (maybe not as much as “Barbie,” but still). So, for a slight estimate, Amazon would likely earn enough from movie ticket sales to cover all costs. Later, the movie will make more money on Prime.

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