God bless you, Mr. Yukik.  He does an undeniably good job

What Lord should bless UOKiK? any. You can, as well as this Lord. Ladies too. Maybe he’s a little excited, but I honestly would like to draw attention to what UOKiK is doing in the influencer industry, that is, also somewhere at the intersection of Antyweb’s activities. As a mediator, we meet the definition of being an influential group – which is why we are interested in this issue.

For as long as I can remember, and I should note that this year I’m going to be a 9-year-old on Antyweb – there have been accusations of not having any collaborations (and of course we have such). As soon as we write anything positive about Company X, there’s usually a comment: “You can tag a sponsor” — or something like that. Now for a moment of honesty, my dears. Among the media outlets I know of (and I won’t mention them by name, because that’s not the topic) there have been situations where someone didn’t flag their sponsored material. However, this has never happened on Antyweb and we have no problem making it clear even when there is pressure from the customer to do the action ‘quietly’. No, because it destroys the industry. No, because it is not fair to the readers. And no, because it’s an expensive business. Half a million fines (and this has already been imposed before) can do harm.

The Bureau of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) has recently acquired a lot of influencers of all kinds, and from what I know – it’s also snooping around near media like Antyweb. However, we did not find any wrongdoing and nothing like this will ever happen. While media outlets with a serious pedigree usually behave decently in this regard, sometimes the same cannot be said of “self-made” influencers who receive a lot of offers to promote products: either as part of a barter or for money.

The president of UOKiK, Tomasz Chróstny, has accused three other influencers: Philipp Schegizer, Dorota Rabetsewska and Majorzata Rosniek-Majdan, in connection with improper tagging of advertising content in social media.

A source of information: yukik

Among influencers, there are naturally people who either gritting their teeth at the media or just hang around because they are recognized. I don’t expect much from Mrs. Rosniek. Mrs. Rabczewska – from what I know – is a smart person. However, Philip Shaggers should – in my opinion – know very well how to mark ads. As you can see from UOKiK’s statement, he simply didn’t. The head of UOKiK, Tomasz Chróstny, does an excellent job here, and his staff also feels great on this kind of topics (and not only). The fact that media people corrupt the market is not a good example: it hurts. And in fact, they do not have to do this: they earn cosmic money and there is no pressure for them to resort to incorrect practices.

UOKiK also works to prevent you, dear readers, from falling victim to unscrupulous online reviews when looking for opinions on specific products. Interactive agencies sometimes offer this type of service thinking they are doing a “good job”. Well, no, offering something simply immoral, even though it is expected by many potential customers, is not good. I am happy to work in the circle of agencies, I also develop relationships with my clients and when such an action is suggested, I explain the futility of such tactics and simply suggest something else. After years in the media, I know people expect authenticity and that pays off in the long run. If a person expects an immediate, albeit fleeting, effect later – let him go to the magicians of marketing. I’m not a magician.

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The head of the UOKiK imposed a fine of PLN 40,000 on the city agency Damian Trzciński from Poznań. PLN for circulating false reviews on the Internet. Opinions published by the entrepreneur mislead consumers regarding the reputation of the companies, products and services they offer. This is not the end of the activities, there are allegations of similar practices against J&J Jakub Brożyna from Rzeszów. Entrepreneurs face a fine of up to 10%. rotation.

A source of information: yukik

And finally, dear friends: UOKiK also does very well in social media. An interesting phenomenon is that in the case of questionable content of sponsored material quality, ordinary people contact UOKiK to look into the case. The vigilance of social media consumers themselves is very pleasing to my eyes: it means that there are some conscious netizens. The fact that UOKiK responds to these signals is really commendable: influential people are simply afraid. And let’s face it, sometimes fear is better than respect (as Kayah sang). Wojciech Kardyś shared a tweet in which UOKiK was supposed to insert an emoji with only “eyes” in the comment to Ms. Opozda’s post, which announced … wine.

The general activity of UOKiK makes me say that it is one of the best organizations operating in Poland, seriously. The more difficult the task at the moment: Monitoring the market/markets is very challenging in a dynamically changing and globalized digital world. Working for consumers like you and me is commendable: especially when done right.

The material is not supported by UOKiK. It’s just the author’s opinion.

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