Jacob Rzynchak for the first time after the death of his son: "I felt like I was in a movie ..."

Jakob Rzynicak and Magdalena Stubic They experienced real hell when, through Father.They had been fighting for the life of their son Olivier in an Israeli hospital for several months. Let us remind you that the boy suffers from a rare type of liver cancer, which is why his mother decided to undergo specialized treatment outside Europe, which only fueled the conflict between the two former lovers. Unfortunately, the boy died at the end of July.

“Beloved, Olewerk’s disease, unfortunately, spread quickly and took our angel here in the Holy Land, in Israel. We feel unimaginable pain, but we are also very grateful for every day of his life. There were exactly 376 days” – the celebrity wrote in Instagram.

Although Jakub Rzezniczak has been consistently silent about the family tragedy, Wisła Płock player decided to point out this difficult event. It turns out that The athlete believed to the end that the Israeli doctors would save his son.

“When the disease is very close, it falls on your child, when the last moments come. You believe until the end. Even the last moments do not let it end tragically. I felt like in a movie” – he admitted in an interview with Sport.pl.

The footballer explained why, after the boy’s death, he threw himself into sports duties. Extensive training allows him to forget about the tragedy at least for a moment.

“(…) After the death of my son, I wanted to come back as soon as possible. I closed here, go to another world. We do not return to this topic in the club, so I can detach from reality, which helps me a lot. What happened, does not affect Ali is already on the pitch and during training sessions. I walk into the dressing room and feel as though I’m transforming and I’m in a completely different world,” Rznichak argued at the gate.

Many people on the internet have accused Jacob of not caring enough about his son. He ditched Magdalena Stępień when fame was still pregnant and soon found something new to sigh. In addition, let us remind you that when Olivier’s illness appeared, Magdalena began collecting charitable donations for his treatment, although the boy’s father could not complain about the low income. A lot of controversy was also aroused by the fact that the football player initially opposed his departure from the year to a foreign clinic. Spot.pl asked the footballer about his attitude to Internet hatred, which he has to deal with with his reputation.

“Everyone who was nearby saw how I went through it and how it affected me. I didn’t want to post it online. It wouldn’t make sense. Day to day and week to week I was learning to work in this reality and isolating myself from things. I had no influence on it. My son got sick, I kept my statements to a minimum. I only spoke when I really had to. It wasn’t a situation that should be discussed much in the media” – he continued.

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