Drama in gastronomy.  This was not the case 13 years ago

Obligations owed to the restaurant industry exceeded PLN 1 billion in March. Compared to the same period last year, meal catering companies’ arrears have increased By more than 28%.

Dramatic situation in the industry

Nearly 7 percent of companies in the restaurant industry have problems paying current liabilities, loans and arrears to suppliers. On average, a company operating in the catering business has debts of up to PLN 91,550 – according to the data presented in the BIG InfoMonitor report.

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– Already in 2020, the overdue liabilities of the restaurant sector to banks and contractors exceeded PLN 647 million and have been increasing ever since. After the epidemic, it is difficult for the industry to recover. Inflation and financial problems experienced by Poles had an impact on catering establishments. Businessmen also point to difficulties associated with high labor costs Uncertainty about the general economic situation, said Sławomir Grzelczak, President of BIG InfoMonitor.

As the authors of the report pointed out, the number of companies actively operating in the catering market in recent years, although they were experiencing difficulties, increased by at least 3% every year. According to calculations by Dun & Bradstreet Analytics In the first quarter of 2024, a decline was recorded for the first time since 2011.

According to Central Bureau of Statistics data presented in the report, nearly 83 percent of entrepreneurs from the “accommodation and catering” segment cite obstacles to running their current businesses. Most often, these difficulties are related to high staffing costs (79.9% in April), high financial burdens (50.1%) and uncertainty about the general economic situation (46.7%). The next most cited factors were insufficient demand (41.6%) and unclear, inconsistent and unstable regulation (40.8%).

“They plan to reduce employment.”

– stay in the market, Businessmen plan to cut employment. A further increase in service prices is also likely. According to restaurant industry representatives, the situation can be improved Introduction of uniform 5 percent VAT rates for catering services, In addition to supporting affected companies during the pandemic from KPO funds – the authors of the report noted.

As shown by the results of the study “Selected Expenditures of Poles” conducted in April 2024 on behalf of the BIK Group, almost two-thirds of participants use restaurants at least once a month, spending an average of PLN 125 per month on this pleasure. . In the 18-24 age group, 81% eat out. This percentage decreases with the age of respondents. In the 65+ group, the percentage is 43%.

People aged 35-44 spend the most on food in restaurants and bars – PLN 167 per month. Also in this group, the highest percentage of participants (9%) declared monthly expenses for eating out exceeding PLN 400.

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