Eurovision 2024. Report from the grand final.  Switzerland wins the competition

The grand finale of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest didn’t start with much fanfare, but rather with Björn Skiffs, who reminisced about his smash hit “Hooked on a Feeling”. But we had to wait a while for Lauren’s performance, because she didn’t appear on stage until after the competition songs. A moment later we were watching the traditional flag display that opens every Eurovision Song Contest. Every year, organizers try to outdo each other with flashy ideas for the sector.

However, the Swedes decided not to try too hard and simply played Swedish radio’s greatest hits in the background. Moreover, this year’s hosts did not like the organization of the event at all. We would have expected that since Eurovision is a music festival for them, they would perform a little better. Even the jokes of hosts Petra Meade and Malin Akerman were very dated.

Bab/EPA/Jessica Gao


The final was started in great style by Marcus and Martinus, who – as befits a good host – gave a brilliant performance. One might have thought that the entire career of the young singers was limited to this performance. “Don’t Forget” was one of the strongest performances of the evening. It was immediately clear that we were dealing with a grand final, not a warm-up match for the semi-final.

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