June 7, 2023


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Desperate actors lied to get a role – fake resumes, age cover-ups, and sneaky plays

The actor for the chance of his life, a desired role, is able to do anything. He will carefully prepare for the acting process, will prove himself in auditions, and in a difficult situation will slightly bend from the truth. Show business fraud is nothing new – artists have repeatedly broken the rules of honesty in the past when applying for their dream job. Many of them were forced to do this in accordance with the requirements of the creators of a particular project that excluded them. There were strict rules for finding the perfect candidate for the role. Accurate information about the age, background, and skills of the artist is something that stands in the way of many wishing to accept a job.

In the list below, the place is reserved for actors who falsified reality in order to be hired on a particular movie set. Among them were high-profile stars who were forced to cheat in the early stages of their careers. Artists have often been deceived about origins, true age, or fictional acting experience. Many people are tricked into taking on roles by lying about the required skills. In addition, the agents and directors themselves helped with some of the scams. Check for yourself which actors decided to lie during auditions.

Desperate actors who lied to get the role

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